What are known limitations of the software?

Here is a list of the most common limitations customers ask us about. Unfortunately:

  • We do not support direct debit for processing fees. Studio clients must have stored credit cards on file for our late cancel & no show charges to process. For more information on requiring customers to store credit cards, see our FAQ article.
  • We do not handle failed credit card charges. You will be notified in your nightly report if a charge has failed. We recommend reaching out to customers manually to update credit cards and/or enabling MINDBODY credit card alerts to ensure your customers are storing credit cards on their account. For more information on handling failed charges, see our FAQ article.
  • Our software does not have a control panel or dashboard. You will receive two reports per day that contain all of the necessary information about your clients and processed penalties. For more information on how our software works, see our FAQ article.
  • While our software supports automatic forgiveness, we do not email your customers to let them know they have been forgiven. For more information, see our FAQ article.
  • When you first start utilizing our software, we may automatically forgive clients who, according to your records, are not eligible for forgiveness. For an explanation of why, please ask your O2M customer service representative.
  • Depending on your specific needs, we may have to setup multiple configurations in our software for your studio. Forgiveness policies apply separately for each configuration. For example, if someone attends class on an unlimited and then switches to a class pack, and these are configured differently in our system, their forgiveness will be duplicated.
  • Our software treats late cancels & no shows the same with regards to auto-forgiveness. For example, you can’t forgive 1 late cancel and 1 no show. In that case, you can only forgive 2 penalties, which could be 2 late cancels, 2 no shows, or one of each.
  • Forgiveness is limited to any number during any rolling day period or calendar month. For example, you can auto-forgive someone twice every rolling 90 days, or once per calendar month, but can not forgive someone three times every calendar year or twice every quarter.
  • All configuration is isolated to a MINDBODY Site ID. If you have multiple MINDBODY Site IDs, they will be treated as separate customers, and features like forgiveness policies will be duplicated.
  • Every studio location must be tied to a merchant account, as our software processes a charge using the location the late cancel/no show occurred. Please contact MINDBODY ahead of time to ensure all of your locations have a merchant account tied to it.


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