I just signed up for a trial. What happens next?

Welcome to O2M Fitness! We’re excited to work with you.

If you just signed up for a Studio Tools trial, that means you should have:

  • Answered our brief questionnaire relating to your studio details, product IDs, and other pertinent details.
  • Stored your credit card information securely - don’t worry, you won’t be charged until after your 14 day trial is complete!
  • Clicked an activation link to allow our software to “talk” to your MINDBODY account.

If you don’t remember completing one of these steps, please reach out to us at hello@o2mfitness.com and we’ll be happy to help!

Here’s what to expect next. Please read the bolded portions carefully:

  • The setup process one to two days. Don’t worry - we don’t start your 14 days until after we’ve set your account up! You’ll hear from us once you’re all setup!
  • Once your studio is setup in our software, you’ll begin receiving reports for your classes within two to three days. These reports are sample reports of how our software works, and what penalties would have been applied. No charges will actually process until you give us written confirmation that the software is behaving as expected. You will receive one report in the morning summarizing the late cancels & no shows from the previous day, and another report later that evening summarizing what charges have been processed. The time in between the reports allows you to correct any invalid late cancels & no shows prior to penalties being applied.
  • Within three days of receiving reports, we’ll encourage you to allow us to enable charges. This will allow you to have at least a full week of processing charges with our software prior to completion of your trial.

Let’s go through a sample scenario:

  • Matt signs up for O2M on Sunday. He fills in all of the information, stores his credit card, and clicks the activation link.
  • O2M completes setup of Matt’s account on Monday. The software downloads all of the class information for Tuesday’s classes.
  • On Wednesday morning, around 2 AM local time, Matt receives his first report, showing a summary of the late cancels & no shows on Tuesday. This report is just a sample report and no action is needed by Matt, though he can use the information to correct any invalid late cancels & no shows.
  • Wednesday afternoon, between 3 - 6 PM local time, charges “process”. The reason “process” is in quotes is that, during the initial few days of your trial, charges will not actually process. You must continue to process charges manually, though you can use our reports as a guide.
  • Wednesday evening, around midnight, Matt receives a final summary report for Tuesday’s classes showing the late cancels & no shows that were processed - this includes any automatic forgiveness, canceled classes, charges that would have been processed, etc. For more information on forgiveness, please read our FAQ articles here.
  • The process repeats the next day for Wednesday’s classes!

After a few days, once you’re comfortable with the process, you can reach out to enable charges. If we don’t hear from you within a few days, we’ll reach out to you!

We hope you enjoy your O2M Studio Tools trial!



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