How is this different than what MINDBODY already provides?

MINDBODY does not offer any automation around late cancel & no show fee processing. By default, you are only able to configure whether someone loses their class or not if they no show. Technically this applies to both “class pack” customers (5 packs, 10 packs, etc.) and Unlimited customers, as an Unlimited in MINDBODY is simply a “class pack” with 99999+ classes on it.

Our services integrates with your MINDBODY site to extend the functionality around late cancels & no shows. For example, you can:

  • Charge Unlimited customers who late cancel a $5, $8, or even $10 fee. This can apply to both contract and non-contract Unlimiteds. This fee will encourage them to early cancel prior to the start of your late cancel window(s).
  • Charge Unlimited customers who no show a $15, $20, or even $25 fee. This can apply to both contract and non-contract Unlimiteds. This higher fee will encourage them to late cancel instead of no show.
  • Charge “class pack” customers a fee when they no show. By default, there is no difference in penalty when a “class pack” customer late cancels vs no shows - they just lose the class! With a no show fee in place, your “class pack” customers will be encouraged to late cancel.

Additionally, you can:

  • Exclude certain pricing options and/or locations from being included in your penalties. Don’t want to penalize a one week trial? No problem!
  • Setup an extra late cancel window, allowing you to charge customers who cancel within 15, 30, or even 60 minutes of class an additional fee. For example, for a late cancel window of 12 hours, you can charge customers who cancel 12 hours out a $5 fee. If they cancel within 2 hours, you can charge them a $10 fee. If they no show all-together, you can charge them a $15 fee.
  • Automatically forgive customers when they late cancel or no show. For example, you can forgive their first late cancel/no show ever, or choose to forgive 2 every month. Our software handles this automatically!
  • Setup advanced filters, such as charging different fees for classes that are at certain times and/or in certain rooms. For more information on advanced filters, please discuss your needs with an O2M representative.

Our service requires studio customers to have a credit card stored on their account. Unfortunately, we can not charge account balances or direct debit. To require customers to store a credit card, you can setup missing billing info alerts within MINDBODY.



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