How do I handle failed charges?

A charge can fail for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the client having an expired credit card, their bank denying the charge, or the customer not having a stored credit card on their account to begin with.

We will attempt to process a failed charge up to three times. These attempts all occur within the same hour or two, and will be complete by the time you receive your evening reconcile report. Any failures reflected in the evening reconcile report should be processed and/or handled manually by your studio staff.

We do not send emails on your behalf notifying customers of failed charges and/or invalid credit cards; however, these emails can be setup within MINDBODY’s auto emails. For example, you can setup a notification to auto-pay customers notifying them that their credit card is expiring.

You can also setup account alerts within MINDBODY requiring customers to store a credit card, which alleviates most of these issues.



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