How do I forgive a customer?

There are a slew of ways you can forgive a customer with our service!

You can enable automatic forgiveness and automatically forgive customers for their first (or second) offense in a certain period. Some of our customers forgive one penalty every 10 years, others once every 30 days! Please contact us to enable this feature.

Clients will also automatically be forgiven if they are marked as “signed in” or “early canceled” prior to delivery of your morning report (typically delivered at 2 AM the day after class).

Clients will also be automatically forgiven if a class is canceled.

To forgive a client after you’ve received your morning report, you can do the following:

  • Review their purchase history. If charges haven’t processed, you can mark them as “early canceled” or “signed in”. Most charges process between 3 PM - 6 PM local time on the day you receive your morning report.
  • If charges have processed, you can void or refund the charge.


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