How can I take advantage of product receipts?

Our software processes late cancel & no show fees in the same way you process t-shirts, waters, or hats – as MINDBODY products.

MINDBODY will attempt to send a receipt to the customer when we charge a late cancel and/or no show fee, provided receipts are enabled on your end in “Auto Emails”. For more information on setting up auto emails, please see this MINDBODY help article.

While there are ways to setup customer messages on pricing options, there is no way to setup a custom message on a product. But there’s a work-around! We’ve found that the best way to take advantage of the MINDBODY receipt auto email is to:

Label your MINDBODY product name such that it references the footer of your email. For example, instead of naming the product “Late Cancel Fee” and “No Show Fee”, name them “Late Cancel Fee (See Policy in Receipt Footer)” and “No Show Fee (See Policy in Receipt Footer)”. Include your late cancel and no show policy in the footer of your product receipts. This information will be in any receipt you send, so be sure to make it a gentle reminder vs letting the customer think they’ve been penalized. To setup text to be included in every receipt you send, follow these MINDBODY instructions.



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