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we automate late cancel & no show penalties in MINDBODY.

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How It Works

It’s simple. It’ll save you time.

Automate the late cancel and no show process to save studio owners and managers time while increasing revenue:

  • Automatically charge your clients a fee when they fail to early cancel a class or don’t to show up at all. In lieu of a fee you can choose to remove days from their package expiration date!
  • Configure an “extra late cancel” penalty to discourage cancelations within 30 minutes of class start time.
  • Integrates with MINDBODY and aligns with your studio’s current cancellation window.
  • Select different penalties for late cancels and no shows.
  • Track cancellation times and days to figure out trends on when clients are more likely to cancel and/or no show to a class.
  • Create and send automated emails informing clients that they missed a class and have been penalized. Optionally, give clients an option to dispute their penalty.
  • Delay the processing of charges to give your staff time to double check attendance.
  • Enable or disable the service in the event you want to waive all cancellation penalties for weather or any other reason. You can also exclude certain pricing options from being penalized!

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Why O2M?

We’re software developers that own fitness studios.

Use MINDBODY? So do we! The founders of O2M also founded Turnstyle Cycle & Bootcamp in late 2013. We’ve since grown to five locations in the Boston area.

MINDBODY is great and covers numerous edge cases. But sometimes MINDBODY’s feature set doesn’t support important parts of a studio’s business and workarounds waste time and money.

But often times, a useful feature doesn’t exist, and studio owners implement workarounds that can be time consuming.

We built this company for YOU because this software has helped US tremendously.

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